Modulo de batería dbdrums db10 V3



Especificaciones  Connectors 1 input Doble Zona Snare (Redo) 4 input Doble Zona (Tom 1 / Tom 2 / Tom 3 / Tom 4) 1 input Doble zona (HiHat) 3 input Doble zona (Crash 1 / Crash 2 / Ride) 1 input Kick (bombo) 1 input HiHat Control 1 Puerto USB (PC/MAC) 2 Output Line (L/MONO, R) 1 Phones Jack (Stereo Phone Type) 1 Aux in Mix Input MIDI din Connectors (in - out) DrumVoices: 674 (Drums, Percussion, SFX...)  Drum Kits: 99 (40 Kits Preseteados y 59 Kits de Usuario) 8 Hi-Hat Combinations General MIDI Backing Voices: 128 GM Instruments  Mixer: Drum volume / ACMP Volume / SD Card MIDI Volume / Click Volume Effect Type: Reverb, 4-Band Master EQ Sequencer: Preset song: 120, User song: 100 Song Parts: 7 (Drum, Percussion, Part 1-Part 5) Play Modes: One Shot/ Loop/Tap/Hit Tempo: 30-280, Resolution: 192 ticks per quarter note Metronome Function, Part Mute Function  Click: Click Voice/ Time signature / Tempo / Interval / Volume SD Card: Save/Load Kits, Songs and User Settings, Play Standard MIDI Files (up to 16 channels)  Update Operating Firmware  Maximum Polyphony: 64


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